Lactation Consultation 

A professional assessment and a personalized care plan can help to overcome many breastfeeding challenges.  If you find yourself with questions about breastfeeding, it would be my pleasure to assist your family.  Early assistance and assessment of breastfeeding will help you feel confident while providing the best nutrition for your baby,


Private appointments for lactation consultation are offered in my comfortable Olympia office using careful screening protocol.  Virtual appointments with complimentary scale delivery are also available.  

Online Classes

Be prepared to feed your newborn by learning the art and science about how to initiate lactation and trust that your infant is on the right track.  Choose from a variety of classes to help your family to be prepared for the arrival of your newborn, maximize your milk supply and safely express, store and feed your milk. 

Infant Weight Checks 





It is my desire to help families have peace of mind in this time of COVID-19.  I am offering complementary scale delivery for my lactation clients to use during their consultation.  There is meticulous attention to detail with disinfection and handling and doorstep pick up after appointments.