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Initiating Lactation 

This class is designed to prepare you and your partner for feeding and caring for your newborn.  We will discuss early feeding norms as well as care for your new family member.  Learning about how your body and baby work, practicing techniques for latching and caring for your infant will leave you empowered and prepared for the early postpartum period.



Making Peace with Pumping

Becoming comfortable with milk expression offers family the opportunity to feed their infant in a variety of settings for a variety of reasons.  Be it desiring a stash of milk in cases of emergency, having your partner support feedings, preparing for back to work or planning to exclusively pump, this class is for you.  Learn the art and science behind how to maximize milk removal, how to safely handle and store your milk and explore the logistics of pumping and infant feeding unique to your family.  



Preparing to Nurse with Inverted Nipples 

Our bodies come in all shapes and sizes.  This class is designed to help you feel confident with latch no matter the size and shape of your nipple.  Knowing that babies latch the breast and the nipple is intended to stimulate the suck reflex will give you the confidence you need in the first weeks of feeding your baby.  If your nipples are flat, inverted or just a bit shy, this is content worth listening to. 

Download and Print the Feeding & Diaper Journal Before Delivery


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